Instructor for the classes is Randy Hollar, CPA. Randy spent 18 years with Tyler Technologies implementing and training clients on the Invision (windows based) Software, and the prior version which was character based and ran on Unix and PC networks. He left Tyler in March 2012 having been the senior Implementation Specialist for 17 years. He regularly taught classes at the annual Incode Forum which is now part of the Tyler Connect annual user conference.

Randy implemented and trained on the Financial Suite of modules and on the Utility Billing system along with Central Cash Collections. His experience includes conversions numbering into the hundreds and the completion of the initial setup and ongoing training for both financial and utility systems.

Upon leaving Tyler in 2012, he immediately began consulting with Invision clients directly through his own CPA firm. Randy Hollar, LLC, Certified Public Accountant is a Texas registered CPA firm. His services offered are strictly related to the Invision Software. He is not registered to perform audits, tax work or other financial services.

Randy became a CPA in 1978 and earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) in 1989. He first joined Incode in 1994 as employee number 16 at that time. He was involved in a period of rapid growth in the company and its client base. He felt that the product was so strong and dominant across the entire U.S.A. that a consulting business dedicated to the Invision product was possible. This vision has proven to be correct, and now the offering of week-long classes seems a logical extension of the consulting practice.